Using the unexpected


"If God can transform the cross - which once signified crime and punishment - to become a symbol of redemption and hope, imagine what he can do for a wheelchair?"

These were the words of a 20-something year old man who came to speak about his year at the Shift NYE 2014 service. This guy had left his home in England and gone to Ireland to plant churches and spread the gospel. During this time, he had a terrible fall, that left him paralysed from the waist-down and wheelchair-bound.

While he admitted that coming to terms with what had happened is still an ongoing process (and not an easy one), his confidence, shown in the quote above really touched me. There is hope in absolutely everything, and what may be seen by the world as something hopeless, God can turn it around for good (Romans 8:28). Just like He did with the crucifixion of Jesus, just like He has done so many times in my life.

© Noterie, 2015

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