Press Pause


This week we’re doing something a little bit different. So far, Noterie has been (back) up and running for the better part of 8 weeks and it’s been great, I'm glad you've found the posts useful! Everything I’ve written is a personal lesson that I’ve had to learn, and in most cases, I’m still learning.

If you’re a subscriber , you’ll probably know that this time last week I was in Iceland on holiday. Since coming back, I’ve felt completely out of balance, disorganised and generally stuck in a rut. As someone who likes to ‘have it together’ this is pretty frustrating and affects most areas of my life. But yesterday, I had some time completely to myself, during which I re-read my journal and had some quiet time with God. As a result of this, I'm now writing this post with a more motivated, productive and focused outlook on the week ahead. By simply taking the time to plug back into the Source, temporarily mute some of life's distractions and go over what I have been learning, things changed dramatically.

In one of my recent posts, 'Guard Your Heart', I touched upon the importance of reminding yourself of all that you've learned. This is essential to growth. I've noticed that most times when I'm off-balance, I try to ‘get back on track’ by filling my life with more sermons, more deep conversations, more inspirational quotes and whatever else I feel like will get me where I need to be. It's become clear that what is actually needed is time out from our busy lives to truly digest all the knowledge we've acquired.

In order to live a life where our mindsets and behaviours are changed, we need to internalise principles that we've learned so far. Regularly.

So this week, press pause for a moment – try going back over your notes (if you don't keep a journal I would recommend starting one!), your favourite passages in the Bible, spend some time with God or even refresh your memory with some of the recent posts here on Noterie ;). Even if you don't think you've learned much, just try it and see - you might be surprised. Whatever you choose to do, spend a couple of moments thinking about one topic before moving onto the next. In these quiet moments we hear from God more and this is the difference being inspired in the moment to being transformed for good.

Once you've done this, let me know how it goes! There is so much richness in sharing your journey with others. Over the recent weeks I’ve also had a few messages and questions about Noterie and living life with Jesus which have been great, so let's keep the conversation going...

Please fill the contact form below with any questions or comments, looking forward to hearing from you!


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