Press Pause


I recently spoke to our subscriber community about how the past week has been hectic in the best way. It's been filled with plenty of new beginnings (clearly the theme for this month!), great conversations and a refreshed outlook on life. When I've finished taking it all in, I'll write about it in a bit more detail for you. One key thing I took time to do yesterday was to take stock of everything that had happened. To rest, recalibrate and generally think about the direction of life in these infant stages of 2016.


It was so useful and I learned a lot, zooming in on areas for improvement. Recently, we've also talked at length about how living transparently and sharing parts of ourselves is essential to experiencing the 'more' that life has to offer. That got me thinking... and now I've got some questions for you.


How is your year going; are you full steam ahead or not quite where you want or need to be, and how does this make you feel?


The last time we spoke you sent through some really interesting observations, questions and experiences. Amazing, honest and open stories about where you're at right now, brilliant dialogue.

So why not keep up the conversation, right? Get in touch here, and let's chat.

P.S. - I've added a new page, check it out here

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