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July, 31

Day 213 of 366.

More than half way through the year...

Crazy, right? 2016 has been super dynamic as the freelywritten space grows. It's been the same story for me personally; filled new commitments, change, fun, frustration, new opportunities and everything else in between. I've openly walked through some of the most introspective moments of my year via this blog. A couple of months ago, I wrote you this letter, for those who are still trying to figure out whether this whole God-life is worth it.

For me? It one-hundred percent is.

I’ve come to realise that ‘worth it’ is not a synonym for easy. Most of the time it involves digging deep to face challenges and weaknesses that you would rather ignore. But once you've done it, and you've come out the other side, life is never the same.

A major change for FW is the launch of our mini-video series #FWConversations. This was a brilliant opportunity for you to hear the voices of people not just from me, but from Seun, Ify & Laura and Joann & Nifemi at Colour Conference 2016. There’s one more episode in this series that will be out very soon, so watch this space. It's going to be a great one.

On the topic of conversation, it’s been a while since you and I have had one...

So this week, take time to reflect, relax and reexamine. It's been a while since the last time. With the first half of the year well and truly behind us, I want to know what your thoughts are:

What went according to plan and what surprised you?

What questions were answered and what questions remain?

Always share your story, no matter how much progress you think you've made.

Remember, there is no such thing as not knowing enough to add value to someone else life. We are slowly, but surely becoming a little community, and we all know those are super-important.


As one of my favourite bloggers says:

"You are evolving. You are adapting. You, just like the rest of us, are trying as hard as you can. We are all in a club we never talk about. We are all members with badges and stripes of honor. We all have a lifetime membership to this club with no meetings called, “trying the best we can."

So, over to you.

Fill in the form below, and let me know what you think about life, God and/or the whole freelywritten experience.

(P.S. I’ve updated the form so that you can be anonymous, but it’s always better if you’re not!).

Speak soon,


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