This is Where the Work Begins ✨


Wishing for ‘better’ or ‘more’ is easy. Daydreams feel sweet, as we fantasise about the moments where everything we've been holding our breath for finally falls into place.

But all things in moderation, right?

The trouble is that we can get so comfortable with expecting, that we miss the fact that opportunity is knocking at our door today. We miss the fact that the hours that exist outside our responsibilities create space to build the future we dream about. Instead, we get wrapped up in dreaming about the moment where the gap between where we are and where we want to be is finally filled.

But that gap is where the work begins.

That gap is filled by action.

That gap is the opportunity to continue building.

It's filled by the hard work of being taking small steps that eventually become our yellow brick road. It's filled by the hard work of sitting with ourselves, sitting with trusted people and figuring out 'why am I here anyway?', 'what's my contribution to this thing called life?', 'what changes or sacrifices am I willing to make to get there?'.

All of this is the Hard Work of the Small Step.

Sometimes the hugeness of our big dream eclipses the fact that it all starts with commitment. To begin researching. To intern in that place. To simply sit and learn. To creating new concepts. To try, fail and succeed in public. To coach and be coached. To be content in the insignificance of feeling like we've not 'made it' yet.

The insignificant, small things don't come with flashing lights. They don't come with an applause, a huge cheque or a feature in That List you're trying to make. But the only way to get to The Big (in a lasting way) is through The Small — there are no shortcuts, no hacks, no bypassing. And they’re good.

When you commit to building the foundations that no one else sees, one day, all of the pieces of this cosmic puzzle will finally fit.

This is how you become okay with ‘right now’. When you happily acknowledge "this may not be It, but this is what will take me There”, and you make the most of it. This is where the work begins, and for that reason, today is enough.

Abiola writes and speaks about personal growth, spiritual growth and wellbeing. She’s the author of “Take What You Need”: life lessons for people who refuse to settle — download a free sample here.