Your Wellbeing Care-Package [Recommendations]

Your Wellbeing Care-Package

5 podcasts, books and #lifehacks to feed your soul this weekend.


Sometimes you need a big, digital hug. 

You can discover good things on the Internet and social media. Especially if (like me) you need a well-deserved break from ‘doing’ and want to spend more time feeding your soul.

From podcasts to books and recipes, here’s what’s been feeding my soul lately, and I hope it feeds yours too. Think of this as your digital wellbeing package: a gift from me to you.


#ReadWell: Rethink fulfilment with Tim Keller.

I’ve heard of Tim Keller for a long time but until this month, I’d never read any of his work.

If you’re stuck in a cycle of chasing promotion, money and power or frustrated by fruitless romantic relationships, this might be the book for you. Get ready to question EVERYTHING. I heard about this book, Counterfeit Gods, through a friend and let me just say it’s been a LONG TIME since a book has felt so relevant. Here’s an extract from my Kindle.

Get Counterfeit Gods here. [affiliate link]

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#ListenWell: 1. Medicine, art and managing your mental health: Trusting the Process

I’m a huge fan of Debra Chosen’s podcast Trusting the Process. In her latest episode, she sits down with Sutra, medical doctor and artist to discuss her journey into medicine, her life as a creative and a near-death experience that changed her perspective on life. What I loved about this conversation is the raw vulnerability, practical and spiritual reference points for mental health, and seeing how the intersection of creativity and science found a home in Sutra.

I also listened to Debra’s conversation with PR and Marketing expert, Joy Ubani, inspired me to be bolder with my faith. In this conversation Joy shares the process of transitioning from a full-time job into running her own business. Joy’s journey is evidence that when you’re walking in purpose anything is possible.


#ListenWell: 2. Develop emotional agility with Susan David.

Lately, I’ve been working on not letting my emotions control my day-to-day life and stumbling upon this podcast really helped. Susan is a Harvard lecturer with a PhD in Emotions, and in this conversation with Rob Bell, she challenges the idea of ‘positive vibes only’. She suggests how welcoming our ‘negative’ emotions may be more beneficial than we think, especially in the face of grief and trauma. Click here to listen.

#LiveWell: Have you ever tried a ‘prayer walk’?

If want to untangle and rearrange your many thoughts, try going on a ‘prayer walk’. All you do is take a walk around your local area and speak out loud to yourself and to God. As you reflect on where your life is currently going, you might be surprised by the clarity that comes with each step. It helps to have earphones as they help with concentration (even if there’s no music), and you may want to play relaxing music in the background throughout your walk. 


#EatWell: How to get more nutrients in your diet (with minimum effort).

The biggest hack for getting all your nutrients in quickly has been making smoothies multiple times a week. I swear by them, as part of my ‘flexitarian’/’pegan’ diet. Here’s my latest recipe for a tropical smoothie that’s high in Vitamin C and fibre.

For more tips on living a more plant-based life, and my ‘why’ behind it click here.