[Podcast] How to Get Some REAL Rest

Did you know that Team “No Days Off” and Team “Self-Care” have more in common than we think? They both focus on the physical — what we are (or are not) doing. But REAL rest is bigger than that, it’s bigger than finding a balance in the physical. It starts in the spiritual, and you can access it today.

This is a concept I preached recently at church, and I’m excited to finally share it with you, my Inner Circle.

Listen to the podcast below.

What does Jesus mean in Matthew 11:28? What is entering God’s rest about? Why did God provide manna in the desert for the Israelites? Abiola breaks down what spiritual rest is and what rest should look like for Christians.

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4-minute Inspiration on Instagram TV:

I’ve just started sharing some quick video inspo on Instagram. A brief word of encouragement to #staythepath, from one of the most beautiful verses. Enjoy!

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Abiola is a writer, speaker and author of “Take What You Need”. Her work focuses on making wellness, mindfulness and spirituality a reality for millennials everywhere.