The One Thing that unites us

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This October marked three years of candid conversations on my blog.

When I first started this website, I’ll admit, I was nervous.

Talking about spirituality, personal growth and all things in between can make us very uncomfortable. So you can imagine my hesitation as I pressed ‘publish’ on my first ever blogpost.

Since then, one recurring truth has come to the surface: our search for real meaning in life is what unites us. And it is infinitely more important than the things that we are told divide us.

Since 2015, people of all faiths and no faith alike have found value, peace and clarity in this space. And I will continue to commit my time and energy into stimulating conversations that propel us closer to the answers we are looking for.

This really is just the beginning, so thank you for being early-adopters on an unforgettable journey. And now, for the main event…

The first of many, the ‘Take What You Need’ Book Launch

This three-year anniversary was doubly significant as I announced the release of my first book, Take What You Need (TWYN). As you probably know by now, TWYN is a collection of inspiring and challenging life-lessons, focusing on some of the things that matter to us most. This includes the integrity of our minds, self-care, relationships, purpose, the process of life and building resilience.

It’s been amazing to see how many of you rallied together in support for the book, culminating in the London launch on November 10th. This couldn’t have taken place without you.

I’m very excited to share some memories from the launch with you in this video. If you haven’t yet got the book you can download a free sample below.

P.S. — for more candids from the launch, watch this!

Thank you to Simple Soulful Film who captured the atmosphere perfectly.


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About the author

Abiola is a writer, speaker and communications strategist based in London, UK. Her work attempts to challenge life as we know it and uncover the things that matter most – the things we cannot see.

She has also published a regular newsletter, The Inner Circle since 2015, which focuses on personal development and spiritual growth.