CULTIVATE: Conversations

Because a good conversation can change everything.

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I know that because I’ve seen it…

Since 2015, you have trusted me with your questions about pretty much everything in your lives via dozens of DMs and private emails. That is why I created CULTIVATE Conversations: personal, confidential one-to-one phone calls that help you tackle your deepest dilemmas and most daunting questions. A simple email response can only get you so far, but an honest, structured conversation has the power to propel you to new heights.

What do we talk about?

This is 100% your space. Whether you want discuss your life, school, work, university, business, friendships or relationships — you set the tone. You can talk, celebrate, question, cry, complain, pray or all of the above. It’s completely up to you.

What will I get out of it?

Come and be heard in an objective, judgement-free zone. In everything I do, I am super-practical, so it’s likely you will get some light-bulb moments that you can actually use in real life. Most importantly, you get a straight-talking friend with your best-interests at heart.

I am SO ready for this, how do book my place?

Getting started is simple: use the booking form below to secure your space. You will then be sent a link to select a time and date that works best for you. All sessions are 40 minutes each.

Here’s to cultivating a life that you’re proud of 🙏🏾

— Abiola x

“Speaking with you gives me so much clarity” — Entrepreneur, UK

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Disclaimer: all information provided in our conversation is subject to your discretion and is optional, it does not constitute as comprehensive therapy or counselling.