Refuse to settle for less. Design your life.

Even though we live in the information age, it's easy to get lost.

It’s like we’re “always learning, but never able to come to knowledge of the truth”. How often do we question or filter what we scroll through?

In a world of distractions, it’s simpler to leave the doing to someone else. That’s how you end up asking yourself, how did I get here? Is this what life is really about? Is there more?

So in 2015, I decided to take my life back.

I started working on myself from inside out. Your internal perspective shapes your trajectory and becomes the difference between living well or living in mediocrity. Comprising my unique path for the opinion of the masses was no longer an option.

If you would rather actively design your life, than be a passive participant, this space is for you. This is for everyone who choose to live life without compromising on what's important.

Welcome to the inner circle.

— Abiola.

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 Personal developement and spiritual growth blog by writer and speaker Abiola. Nigerian-British blogger currently based in London.